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on the eagles. it was the colts the eagles quarterback shutting down the raider's defense for a record tieing 7 touchdown passes. connecting with riley cooper for three of his 7 touchdowns. finishing the became 406 yards, 7 touchdowns no interceptions. >> it was a double victory for kenya at the new york city marathon. thousands ran after last year's marathon was canceled because of super storm sandy. security also tight after april's boston marathon bombing. here is video of bill ransic crossing the finish line. he started the race head last f -- dead last. every person he passed they gave money to charity. pamela anderson there, too, the former bay watch star posting this photo. she ended in under 6 hours. i can image you would feel that way. >> the jets also won. >> our team. yeah>> the coldest temperatures so far this season. >> ma roa molina is in the weather center with more. >> by the way. my team won, too, gloflorida st on saturday. all of our teams won this weekend. if you are waking up this morning you are waking up to some of the coldest temperatures so far this season. like the nort
special guests is the global ambassador for the san diego zoo. welcome. >> thank you. >> is this a eagle? >> a bald eagle. the great story about the bald eagle. this is thunder. thunder is with us because, unfortunately, he's had challenges in the wild and could not be rabbited to be released. the ultimate goal when we receive damaged birds or animals is send them back to the wild. he was not safe to be released. >> he's happy with us! >> the great story about bald eagles in general is that one time they were a critically endangered species. we almost lost them and it's our national symbol. but because of slight changes in our behavior, nothing drastic, nothing major, just change a few things on how we deal with pesticides, they're now off the endangered species list. he's well trained to hang out with the glove here. we have tresses on him. we do fly him short distances. >> that's a beautiful animal. >> let me get this guy over here . >> the eagle is a predator that eats small animals. the little gray fox, great for being on "fox & friends." we thought it would be good to have force. he
for the philadelphia eagles and says the only other time he's thrown that many td at that time was in a video game. nick foals joins a very short list of those who have done it in real life. including payton manning, he threw seven touchdown in the a game earlier this season. foals went into yesterday's game with just 12 and they took him out of the game as a mercy pull with like eight or nine minutes left. it was extraordinary. and this offense that indiana did not have suddenly looked likes world champions over the weekend. >>> it seems one other store chain already knows that you're probably going to do some of your holiday shopping online. this year trying to take advantage of the loss on sales but making shopping easier for all of us. tens of thousands of protesters in iran with one of the biggest protests in years. what's behind this outrage in iran? that's next. >>> 23 minutes past the hour in the fox news desk. protesters today crowding in front of the former u.s. embassy in tehran, staging what appears to be one of the biggest anti-american rallies in years. a lot of these signs that they
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3